Saudi MOH Spokesman Says That Mixing Of Covid-19 Vaccines “Gives Better Response”


As per the latest updates on the vaccination drive, over 48% of the kingdom’s population is fully vaccinated. This is one of the highest rates in the Middle East. However, a lot of the people who been fully vaccinated include those who have taken two doses of two different vaccines.

According to the Saudi Gazette, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdel Ali, spokesman for the Ministry of Health, said in a press conference that the mixing of the Covid-19 vaccines “gives a better response”.

He also added that “It is important to continue taking all vaccine doses, even for those who have recovered from the virus, while continuing to adhere to the precautionary measures.”

The number of vaccinations administered across the kingdom is just under 40 million.

On Saturday, the number of new cases in Saudi Arabia dipped below the 100 mark.

The official Twitter account of the spokesmen tweeted that “The speed and awareness of society in obtaining two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine is one of the most important factors after Allah’s grace in the decline of the curve of cases.”


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