Emirates Is Seriously Going Above And Beyond To Accommodate Hajj Pilgrims With These Latest Updates


Due to high demand, Emirates is putting on additional flights to facilitate the number of pilgrims visiting Saudi Arabia for Hajj this year.

An additional 45 flights to Jeddah and 12 to Medina will be made available. These should help cope with the two million pilgrims who are expected to travel this year and is available to those holding a valid Hajj visa.

Emirates is ahead of the game this Hajj season

The airline is also providing a service on the ground where staff will be on hand to provide an improved and swift passenger experience.

The airline will accommodate Hajj travellers inflight to perform ablutions, will assist in advising passengers about Al Miqat and Ihram and the Emirates entertainment system will feature a special Hajj safety video.

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For people travelling from Jeddah, they will be permitted to bring five litres of Zamzam or holy water, which will be placed in a special area in the cargo hold.

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