14 Iftar Offers From The Kingdom’s Beloved Fast Food Joints That You ABSOLUTELY Shouldn’t Miss


Wether it’s your cheat meal or not, these Iftar offers are going to give you choices for days when you’ve no time to prepare dishes. 

Here are the 14 Ramadan Iftar offers you should check out (all over Saudi)

1. Hardee’s combo Iftar meal for SAR

Two burgers, fries, a drink and a DONUT. WHAAAAT.

2. McDonald’s Iftar menu sounds mouthwatering for only SAR 25!

Nuggets, a burger, a drink and FRIES. 

Are we spoiled in the Kingdom or what?

3. Herfy’s price is just as whoppery- as its burgers for only SAR 12 for a FULL MEAL

Two sandwiches with meat and veggies, fries, laban, dates, and a drink. 

4. Jasmi’s for SAR 15 and a full meal from Iftar to 10pm

5. Cali Burger meal for SAR 29

KSA is the burger land of our dreams.

6. Burger Makers in Jeddah for SAR 39

With branches in other cities.

7. Applebees KSA’s buffet for 89 (adults) and only SAR 25 for your kiddos

How considerate.

8. Kudu’s full meal with dates and laban for SAR 24


There’s an Iftar offer for one

..and one for the entire fambam. YES PLEASE.

10. Some good ole’ Chinese food at City Wok for SAR 25

11. Pizza Hut’s incredible Iftar offer for SAR 49 is just WOW

12. Al Tazaj for SAR 5 

I’m speechless. 

A good and fast way to break your fast and keep on a budget.

13. Popeyes chicken and rice, twister, coleslaw and fries for SAR 19 

Where’s your next stop?

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