15 Emotions We Go Through Every Time We Visit Ikea


With the branches in Dhahran, Jeddah and Riyadh- it’s hard for us not to go a little crazy. 

It got us talking in the Lovin Saudi HQ about trips to Ikea, which tend to go a little out the plan.

1. Inspiration: “Let’s go to Ikea!”

You realise you need things, storage solutions and kitchen gadgets – a few more candles and a pot plant. It’s time.


2. Trepidation: Oh crap, it’s a Friday

And Ikea is going to be RAMMED 

3. Wonderment: You’ve arrived and you’re ready for your big adventure!

4. OMG I want everything: These are all so useful!

5. Wait, what does this thing even do?

6. Bewilderment at your shopping buddy: “You actually like that one?”

7. My friends/partner has the worst taste

8. Wait…do I even need any of this?


10. I really do need another lamp, and a picture frame and this peeler, and I really need ALL these boxes..but get me out of here you guys

11. Let’s go get some meatballs

12. OMG how will I fit all this in my car? 

13. OMG how do I even put this together? 


15. Oh, that’s how it goes. Yay!


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