6 Insanely Cute Pets You Can Adopt In Saudi Right Now


Any animal or pet owner/lover will understand the feeling you get when you see stray animals and wish you could take them home. There’s an abundance of people who choose to pay instead of adopt, when really there’s so many beautiful and warm-hearted fur babies just waiting for homes… and rarely get chosen. 

Let’s Adopt, based in the Kingdom, is a great FB page that spreads messages to see the amount of pets that need homes, and in a way help YOU and the pet find each other. With a simple click of a button, you get to change a stray’s life. 

To no further ado, here’s 6 of the most adorable little ones that need a home ( + a link to whom you can contact, if interested in sheltering them)

Each rescue has its own method of adoption. The links to the rescues are below. We are a portal and try to keep track of all rescues but we don’t keep track of their adoption methods. We, like most rescues, try to only adopt out/advertise sterilised and vaccinated cats to help stop more unwanted cats being bred but it’s an uphill battle.

Representative of Let’s Adopt

1. Al Turki the friendly cat 


2. Healthy and active dog in Jeddah’s Abhour area 

You may contact Mona to find out more on this guy’s whereabouts and perhaps get him vaccinated and checked, before giving him a home.

3. Meet Mr. Snow 

4. Saluki in Riyadh needs a home too 

5. This beauty can be adopted in Al Jubail 

6. Summer and Ginger, 9 months old, are looking for a home in Riyadh 

These beautiful ones need a home, and you might make a great new friend 

Check out the Let’s Adopt! page for more info.


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