21 Tweets From The Trending #JeddahNow Hashtag That Tells The Tale Of Today’s Weather SUMMED UP


So today’s expected thunderstorms went from beautiful rains, to horrible floods then sunshines after the mess. A multitude of events that took place in a span of a few hours. 

Naturally, people in Jeddah took to twitter to share their thoughts or activities.. proving once again that people in the Kingdom can find ways to find optimism through anything.

Here are 21 tweets we can all probably relate to or at least be amused with from today’s events:

1. When the beautiful raining started in the morning…

Anticipations were already taking place as it was predicted

2. Beautiful weather it was, indeed 

3. Women staff were suspend from working today due to weather forecasts


5. Rainy and cloudy 

6. Solemn weather nine hours ago..

7. Winter soon!

8. Time lapse 

9. Expats are reminded of their home .. :’)

10. We love it too

11. And the series of moods we can all relate to whenever it rains

12. When it was just a cute downpour

13. How cozy

14. and people loved it!

15. Until…

It started (in certain parts of Jeddah)

16. started looking like an island

17. The traffic got so bad so fast

18. Chargers and outlets were not exempt 

19. Yet people still found comfort from indoors

20. Viral videos started taking over the #JeddahNow trending hashtag

21. Like this boss lady water skiier who took her talent to the floodwaters

22. When the corniche comes to you 

Showing once again that even when chaos strikes, the community finds a way to turn the mood around 


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