5 Totally AMAZING Events In Jeddah You And Your Families Can Indulge In This Week


Jeddawis, there are a couple of events going on this week that you and your families can partake in…

Here are a couple of them:

1. Galilah Fog

“A place where people gather for traditional “Ma’soub” meal prepared by a local shop, as well as a “Burger” meal prepared by the local brand “Crave”. The event will also feature various arts in most corners, such as story writing, Hinna for females only, furniture from local designers, as well as retro games and popular old games such as PlayStation1 and Keram, where every weekend will offer different fun activities.” – via Roznamah.

When? April 18-May 5 from 8pm-12am

Where? Boulevard Jeddah

Tickets can be bought from the event place.

For more information, click here.

2. Rise Up, April 18-21

It’s beach season in Jeddah now and Rise Up promises to offer a fun time on the beach as you experience shows of Arabian horses, rare birds and fireworks. Stalls will also be around, in case you need to buy a little something from a local vendor.

And food? Fret not, for the best cuisines and cafés will be around to satisfy you.

When? April 18-21, from 5pm- 12am

Where? Prince Abdullah Bin Turki Property- Corniche Jeddah

Tickets can be bought from the event place.

3. The Italian Festival

This Italian festival will be a fun event for you and your families, particularly if you enjoy the cuisine. Italian films will be showing on the second day and on the third day the longest pizza ever in the Middle East will be created, while the final day will be a music concert.

When? April 25-28, 2018 from 5pm-12am

Where? Courtyard, Jeddah

Tickets can be bought from event place.

4. MACE, Jeddah

When? April 27,2018 from 9pm-12am 

Where? Coral Beach, Jeddah

Tickets can be purchased here.

5. Action Mania

An amusement park with action games and adventures for your friends to enjoy! 

When? March 21-June23 from 4.30pm-11.30pm

Where?  Kaki Soccer Field Khalidiya

Tickets can be bought from the event place.

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