6 Places In Jeddah Everyone Should Take Their Visiting Friends And Family To See


We’re spoilt for choice on the abundance of amazing food chains, lavish art spaces and a constant evolvement in Jeddah. It’s kind of hard to keep up. Nevertheless, this just means more fun for residents and tourists who come to see the dynamic city.

If you needed a little reminding on where you can show your visiting friends or families, then this article is definitely for you… 

1. Take them scuba diving or snorkeling in the Red Sea 

You’re in Jeddah after all, the Red Sea is our pride.

2. Jeddah ‘Waterfront’ Corniche 

Picnics, outdoor games and a stunning view of the water.

3. The Floating Mosque

Located in Corniche Road is the peaceful and beautifully-crafted floating mosque. Best times to see it would be during either a sunrise or sunset.

4. Walk the historic streets of Al- Balad

Great place to find bargains for souvenirs too.

5. To a nice lunch or dinner by the sea 

There’s bound to be lots of it in the city.

6. Jeddah’s Flagpole 

Cus did you really go to Jeddah if you don’t have a selfie with this one?


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