7 ASTONISHING Local Musicians That We All Need To Hear And Support


There’s a lot of talent still hidden to the conspicuous gaze, especially here in the Kingdom. However, there are also a couple of locals who’ve been working hard at consistency for their passion in music.

If you haven’t heard of any of these people, it may be time to start now.

Nothing like good ‘ole support to your community and the local music.

1. Most Of Us

Most Of Us is a rock band known for their covers of American songs whose lyrics celebrate the Kingdom’s developments. This band created a song cover once the lift of the ban on women driving was announced by King Salman months back.

Slowly after, the band also uploaded a commemorative song about the cinemas return to Saudi.

We stan an empowering group of musicians!

2. Sound Of Ruby

This rock band was founded all the way back in 1996 and have been making music since. Some of their tracks can be found on YouTube.

Like this…

3. Lugi Raf’a

Lugi Raf’a plays the oud instrument, commonly used in the Arab world, and he plays it well. Raf’a shares his music with his community, playing songs filled with poetic verses that will instill your Saudi pride.

4. Fulana

Fulana’s indiefolk mixes on Soundclous are an eclectic sort of sound that’s both chill and heartfelt. You can give it a listen here.

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5. The Yam Band

The Yam Band is a local group of musicians in Jeddah who perform electro/post-punk music. They share their song covers and originally composed songs through their social media accounts.

Worth a listen!

6. Loulwa Al Sharif

Saudi’s first soul and jazz singer is one to watch out for.

7. Desert F!sh

Nasser Al Shemimry of Desert F!sh is an electronic DJ’s who creates melodic tunes that will make anyone nod their heads along. Desert F!sh’s music will introdu


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