Al Ahsa Has Been Added To UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites And It’s Hardly Surprising Why


Al-Ahsa Oasis has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The decision was made during meetings of the World Heritage Committee in Bahrain’s capital Manama last week

Al-Ahsa Oasis is the fifth Saudi site to join UNESCO’s World Heritage list following Madain Saleh (2008), Tarif neighborhood in Diriyah (2010), Historic Jeddah (2014), and the Rock art in the Hail region (2015).

Al Ahsa is one of the greenest regions in Saudi Arabia and known for its natural springs and rich agriculture

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It is also famous for its dates that are often considered some of the best in the world!

And because of the area’s climate and abundance of fresh water availability, Al Ahsa is known to be one of the oldest inhabited city in the region, dating back to the 5th millennium BC.

Much of the ruins of those past civilizations as well as many traditions have been preserved and make it a must-visit for history buffs

Al Ahsa Springs


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