Al Ittihad Player Carlos Villanueva Tweeted About Coming Back To Saudi Soon And The Greetings Are Adorably Hilarious


Chilean football player (for the Al Ittihad team) Carlos Villanueva tweeted about coming back to the Kingdom and his Saudi fans are excited for his return. This sentiment was pretty evident scrolling through the 32-year-old footballer’s replies received from Saudi twitter users.

Some of them are hilarious, some are just adorable and shows how truly supportive Saudi football fans can be.

Check some of the good ‘Welcome back’ responses below…

He first tweeted about coming back to Saudi after his vacation from home

The tweet was sent out on Monday, saying “I really enjoyed my vacation, I’m going to miss you all. Thanks for the great time my lovely Chile and family. Now it’s time to come back to Jeddah and continue with what I lost most, football. On my way back to Saudi.”

To which excited and anticipating Saudi fans responded…

“Welcome back Carloooos. We’re gonna prepare a dinner for you quickly.”

“We missed you”

Hilarious gifs and memes were pasted to commemorate their favorite footballer’s return

Welcome to your second home”



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