11 Escape Rooms In Saudi Arabia For You And Your Friends To Try Out


New forms of entertainment spurring up across Saudi Arabia but many have yet to try out thrilling escape rooms.

Whether you are a mom with many young adult  looking for an exciting adventure on weekend or a single guy looking to hangout with co-workers for some after-work fun or a high school student looking for some weekend fun  – escape rooms can provide you with much needed fun, thrill, brain racking and  even physical movement!

Here are 11 you might like to check out! 

1. Novus 

It’s a global franchise here in Jeddah.  It’s a place where you play the story in a 60 minute game solving mysteries and puzzles as you go long. 8 characters will assist you with their ‘special abilities’ . Puzzles after puzzles and riddles after riddles! You will not know how many stages or rooms will exist in one theme you play. You can call for assistance during the game from GAME MASTER but if you’re locked up for too long, you lose the game but obviously…do not remain locked forever in Hocus’s Chamber!

Price :     2-3 player – 180 SAR per player

             4-8 player – 150 SAR per player

Minimum player per room is 2 maximum is per room is 8

Location : Jeddah

Weekdays  10am – 10pm

Thusday: 10am- 12am

Friday: 4pm – 12am

2. Escape Room Arabia 

Sherlock Homes – You and your team have 60 minutes to prove Dr.Watson is right, get the pipe to the police to save Sherlock, and escape the room before Moriarty is back. Investigative!

Area 51 – Does your group have what it takes to determine if it is a conspiracy or the real thing??? Warning : Aliens involved

But you can’t play the same room after exiting twice. Why would anyone, isn’t it? This escape room is ideally for 10 year old up and 16 year old must be joined by an adult. There are corporate packages as well for team building.

Price – 2 players 350 SAR for all rooms

           5 players  575 SR for all rooms

Location : Riyadh 

3. The Secret Room

This was the first Escape room in the kingdom and now available in most major cities. This follows very much the same format in terms of no. of players and charges.
The psychologists’ wife –  this is where you play in a spooky psychologists clinic.   After years of pursuit, you finally confirmed the identity of a criminal who was wanted for the murder of his wife. He is a well-respected psychologist. You and your team entered his place of work to get the evidence you needed to put him in jail.” Sounds fun?

It has other options like Jack Sparrow, Sherlock Homes and Occams Apartment.

Price : Jack Sparrow – 175 SAR per person

           Psychlogists clinic – 115 SAR per person

           Sherlock Holmes – 125 SAR  per person

Location :  Dammam Khober, Jeddah, Medina, Riyadh

Note* prices vary for different rooms in different cities. 

 4. Escape X 

This Escape room gives you some unique experience than others –  MYSTO the Illusionist –   you have to find search for a master illusionist who seem to have just disappeared. Who wants to search for a magician right?!

The private collector (robbery) – You have to steal and escape from a private art collector?! And you have just 60 minutes…

Price :  Players 2 – 350 SAR

                        3 – 465 SAR

                        4 – 540 SAR 

Location : Riyadh 

5. EscapeHunt 

Escape hunt’s zoo is an exciting room esp for young adults.Y you are hired to retrieve animals who escaped from a exotic  zoo on  rainy day. Sounds cool? You need a lot of quick-thinking  and  patience as numerous challenges are thrown at you.

Price : Starting at 300 SAR

Opening hours : 4:30 PM – 1 : 00 AM 

Location : Jeddah

6. MazeBox 

MazeBox offers two different rooms and one of the most popular is “Prisoner of War”-  where your team are prisoners near demilitarized North Korean zone.

Location : Jeddah

Price Weekday – 175 SAR per person

         Weekend  – 200 SAR per person 

7. Breakout

If you are a puzzle fun and love to use your mind, you will love BreakOut’s this room “Dukkan Ziryab” – Ziryab is a famous merchant in Andalusia well known for selling his futuristic and strange items. Your task is to find out his secret as many merchant have tried to break into this store but never came out, ever again!


Price : Starts at 200 SAR per person 

Location : Riyadh 


This is one of the coolest places in Riyadh, most players credit the  amazing staff at this place! The game lasts for 90 minutes with 15 minutes to learn the story! These room provides a story on Arabic theme with “Uncle Saleh” and “Pyramid”. As players, you’ll have to explore Uncle Saleh’s room to find out his secret box containing luxury items, can you? Children under 15 are not allowed without an adult

Price :   2 player SAR 200

             3 players SAR 180

             4 players SAR 140 

Location : Riyadh

9. Exit Room 

Exit Room offers 3 themes – Madness, Bomb, and Mind Boggling – all of them are quite mentally stimulating and visually exciting. Most of the room are quite interactive with tons of tricks to overcome!

Minimum Age :  14 years old. 

Location : Jeddah

10. 60 Minute Escape 

This game center opened in 2015 and has “Abandoned Hostel”, “Jail Break”and “Godfather’s Secret” as main themes. 

Location : Riyadh

11. Escape The Room

This is located in Khober and has 4 themes – The Prison, The Saw ( based on movie), Mafia Kingdoom and The Bank Job. 

In “The Saw” you wake  up in a dark and mysterious place where you have only one choice to win your life- accept the horrifying challenge to escape from this place before the time runs out..creepy!

Price : 2 PLAYERS 150 SAR  Per Person

            3 PLAYERS 130 SAR Per Person

           4 – 5 PLAYERs 115 SAR Per Person

           6 – 7 PLAYERS 110 SAR Per Person

Location : Khober 


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