Here’s Why You Should Visit These 5 Neighbouring Countries During Your Next Holiday


Saudi Arabia is filled with great areas to explore, with options from large cities like Jeddah and Riyadh or secret hidden villages in the south. But if you’re also someone who likes to explore outside your comfort zone, here’s a few spots nearby that you’re sure to enjoy (even on a weekend). 

They’re close in proximity, won’t cost you much and you’ll get that mini “vacation vibes” you’ve been dreaming of..

1. Bahrain

If you live in Al Khobar, then you’ve probably already heard that this neighbouring Kingdom, is a common place for a road trip for most Saudi locals. And why not?

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It’s 40-60 mins away from Khobar by car, hotels for the weekend wouldn’t cost you a crazy amount and you get to enjoy their range of beaches, restaurants, cinemas and more. 

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2. Jordan

Another country that’s close by and worth visiting is Jordan, where you’ll get to see the wonders of Petra, Dead Sea and the desert’s wilderness at Wadi Rum. 

How breathtaking… 

3. Egypt

This one’s definitely a hit for tourists in the Middle East. A weekend trip in Cairo could cost you SAR 2000 or less if you budget wisely. A flight wouldn’t cost much and for Saudi Arabians or GCCs, visas aren’t needed. 

You can enjoy the beautiful Red Sea in Dahab, go scuba diving, watch the stars under mountains and obviously see the pyramids. 

4. Lebanon

Nature, energetic sceneries and lovely people. Beirut and the other areas of Lebanon is sure to leave you in awe due to its impeccable beauty. And it’s only a few hours flight away. 


5. Oman 

And last but not least, Oman, is a great escape for anyone looking to relax and unwind. 

Also, you could try their local sweets! (They’re amazing) 


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