New Research Shows The Top 20 Salaries In Saudi Arabia This Year


An annual salary survey was recently conducted by Gulf Business due to the dramatic economic changes in the Gulf, such as the implementation of value added tax and fee increases. 

Saudi Arabia was found to be the highest paying country compared to its other 5 GCC neighbours this year alone. An average monthly salary of $8,560 or SAR 32,000 plus was covered in the last year. These numbers show that the Kingdom’s annual salary is 2.9 percent higher than the UAE’s and 8.4 percent more than Bahrain’s- respectively. 

These are the top 20 salaries in Saudi Arabia in 2018:

Top 20 Salaries in Saudi in the last year

Gulf Business’ salary survey were taken from monthly averages derived from data compiled by three different recruitment firms in the Kingdom.

  1. CEO/MD – Multinational: $38,325
  2. CEO/MD – Multinational: $38,325
  3. Hotel general manager: $10,404
  4. Head teacher/principal: $7,217
  5. Real estate manager: $8,689
  6. Lawyer: $10,006
  7. Construction project manager: $8,757
  8. Human resources manager: $8,816
  9. Recruitment manager: $8,373
  10. IT manager: $8,500
  11. PR account manager: $6,542
  12. Sales/marketing manager: $6,112
  13. Facilities management manager: $6,934
  14. Healthcare general practitioner: $5,050
  15. Editor: $5,169
  16. Office manager: $4,841
  17. Digital marketing specialist: $4,414
  18. Bank branch manager: $4,725
  19. Sales executive: $4,420
  20. Logistics executive: $3,045


21. Senior accountant: $3,766

22. HR executive: $3,457

23. Receptionist: $2,230

The good news is that..

According to Gulf Business, recruiters who took part in the survey said there’s prospects still, for working in the GCC, as the average salaries are predicted to rise from 2-3% in 2018.

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