Why Lovin Saudi?


The Lovin media group aims to be the definitive inside track, where ever you are. So for all who live in Saudi Arabia, and for everyone who will be there at any time in the future, you need to look no further than Lovin Saudi to know where to go to and to find out whats happening. 

But Lovin Saudi is so much more than that. 

The beauty of Lovin, is that it focuses on a local approach, and it can tell interesting stories of the people and things shaping that place. It does it using social media, so lots of user comments and rich images and video. Lovin is about what’s happening now. It’s about capturing the cultural zeitgeist. 

There is a lot happening in Saudi Arabia. Here are five reasons why Lovin Saudi has been set up…

1. A Historical Nation

Historically, Saudi is a fascinating country. How it’s founding fathers had the vision to create a nation and how it has weathered the desert storms, both literally and symbolically, over the years to survive and grow as a nation, a place where over 30 million people call home. 

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2. Transformation taking place

Right now the country is going through a transformation. Vision 2030 has ever evolving plans across sectors such as health, education, infrastructure, recreation, and tourism. With change; be it social or economic, there are challenges. There is the current price of oil, in addition to the compromises with traditions that change of any nature brings. However, the leadership of Saudi Arabia will see it through.

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3. A place to call home

The people of Saudi Arabia have a keen sense of love for their country and those from abroad who live in Saudi have a great time there. This impression isn’t often felt in the rest of the world. For whatever reason, the media led image of Saudi Arabia is less than favorable.  Lovin Saudi has the lofty goal of changing that. There is two sides to every story. The people of Saudi deserve to have even more media outlets sticking up for them, to level the playing field.

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4. A unique and beautiful culture

Not many know how beautiful a place Saudi Arabia is. Just a few swipes through our Instagram account will give you an idea. The desert landscape in Saudi is so stunning. As are the great cities. There are Unesco historical sites in Saudi Arabia that not many know about. Other aspects of Saudi culture that will be explored on Lovin Saudi is the amazing Arabic food and the Bedouin culture.

5. The rise and rise of social media

Usage of social media is massive in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). It has the most daily views per capita in the world on YouTube. Let that sink in, people in Saudi, individually, consume more video on YouTube than any other country in the world. Also, outside US Cities, Riyadh has the highest daily active users (DAU’s) in the world. After Riyadh comes Jeddah. That means the more people use Snapchat in Riyadh and Jeddah than London, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo, and Syndey. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram as well. 

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With all that social media usage, comes great stories. 

We are here to tell those stories. 

We will showcase the culture, the people, the sport and the things that make Saudi Arabia great. 

Join us on the journey. 



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