Photos Of Saudis With Their Classic Cars From The 1940s Onwards Have Spiralled And They Are EVERYTHING


If you fancy yourself some vintage and classic cars, and the allure of black and white photos- we’ve got you sorted with a surprise. A nifty Instagram page called @saudiretrocars posts photos of old Saudis with their treasured classic vehicles and the photographs are totally enviable. 

Don’t believe us? Check these out for yourself…

Pontiac Trans Am Firebird in Riyadh

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A look-back in a special Mercedes-Benz W126. What a beauty.

Somewhere in the Eastern Province, Saudi, 1987. Boss.

This classic Buick Park Avenue caught outside Safeway in Khobar

Major GOALS.

1967 Dodge Charger in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (back when coupes were a rarity)

Taxis were in the form of Rolls Royce in the ’80s.

A Cadillac in the early 1950s in Riyadh

Chrysler Imperial in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) in the 60s. Luxury at its finest.

“The legendary Toyota Land Cruiser FJ Pickup over the Jubbah Club official delegation”

Car auctions in Riyadh #’60s

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