A Pop-Up In Jeddah Is Completely Revolutionizing The Cafe Culture In The City


Gailah Hub, a pop-up cafe that moves around Jeddah, serving masoub and Chai Adani, is completely revolutionizing the socializing scene in the city.

It is founded by a group of young Saudis who lived in Spain and would sell massoub (a banana bread pudding) during local food festivals. The dish gained massive popularity there and they decided to bring the entire experience back home.

Gailah Hub was createed to reflect the cozy market place festival experience with live music, adani tea, art, and their famous Massoub

Gailah is a colloquial word that means “hanging out” and “being around friends”

They pop-up takes place in super interesting places

They share the location with their followers on social media

They pop-ups also include lots of local musicians, fashion designers, and more

Plus, it is super instagrammable

Must visit!


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