Saudi Residents Shared Their Favourite HEALTHY Breakfast Dishes And Some Of The Responses Are Strangely Amusing


Saudi Twitter asked what residents’ go-to healthy breakfast options are, and well (like always) the answers will either crack you up or make you mad. 

All in good fun though. 

This is what Saudi peeps are eating to keep their nutrition in check, allegedly…

Eggs, bacon, toast and orange

As long as it’s halal bacon, this does seem like a decent breakfast (depending on the portion lol). 

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Simple and straight to the point, we agree Abdullah.

Two eggs and a banana

“Chai and Coco Pops”

An odd mix, but sounds interesting.


Ermmmmm… Although it makes for a scrumptious match with khubz. Afraid this one’s not so healthy.

Olives, tomatoes, cucumbers and eggs on the side

The proper gymmer’s breakfast! Light and filling.

Nuggets, fries… what?!

No comment.

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