The GamersCon Event In Jeddah Just Ended But People Still Can’t Get Over How Much Of A Blast It Was


The Gamerscon event in Jeddah was so well-received by residents of the Kingdom that excitement for the next ones are evident on Twitter. According to Arab News, the three-day event took place this last weekend as its second edition.

Many players, game developers and gaming manufacturers were at the conference too, along with many Saudi and expat gamers and appreciators of it.

Lots of special guests attended GamersCon too

One in particular that most attendees enjoyed seeing was the Mega Man composer, Manami Matsumae, who played a live show during the event.

People ABSOLUTELY loved it and can’t wait for the next one

“The event was TOO GOOD!”

“It was a good three-day-event and we met so many people..”

A personalised hashtag was also intact for the event:

With thousands of excited, dressed-up gamers expressing their excitement over the platform being given to them to express their passion.

Performances as such also took place

And many got to sell or show their artwork in the exhibition sections of the hall

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