There Are SO Many Events Going On In Saudi This Month That You Just Have To Check Out


November has graced us with lush weather, cloudy skies and a more relaxed atmosphere to do pretty much EVERYTHING we couldn’t during summer.

And thanks to the Kingdom’s General Entertainment Authority and its non-stop pursuit in creating more events for residents, this month is brimmed with loads of them.

Feel like trying out something new, treating a family member or inducing a minor splurge during the weekends?

Then check this out…

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1. Enjoy a birthday or family dinner a La Rustica Vibes

Riyadhis can now experience a mini-festival that all Italian-cuisine lovers are fond of. La Rustica is an Italian resto in the Kingdom’s capital that also hosts a memorable and new type of dining experience.

The popular pizzeria will be part of a two-month long festival at the Riyadh Park from 5pm-12am everyday.

Enjoy it while you can!

Location: Riyadh

2. ‘One Way’- a winter festival in the beautiful oasis city of Al Ahsa

One Way is a 10-day festival taking place in Al Ahsa’s Al Rashid Town Square from November 7 to 17th. The festival will take place during those dates from 4-11pm.

3. Music Makers

Two of the Aloft hotels, one in Dhahran and the other in Riyadh, are both hosting the Music Makers festival both for a day each.

The Aloft Hotel in Riyadh will celebrate the event on November 9, 2018 from 9pm-12am. Whereas residents in Dhahran will get to witness the talents of these musical acts on November 15th from 9pm-12am.

4. Gamers will get to enjoy a three-day event in Al Ahsa

GAMENATION is an event by the gamers for the electronic gamers championship that includes FIFA 19, Fortnite and Tekken 7 with Cosplay and theatre performances.

Location: Jabel Al-Qarah, Al-Ahsa

Date: November 14-17 from 4.30pm to 10.30pm

Tickets can be bought here.

5. Enjoy the entertainment at the Al Andalus Festival in Jeddah

The Al Andalus Festival is a weekly event that includes a variety of shows and activities. It takes place every weekend from 8th of November 2018 until 28th of December 2018.

The event includes Art Island, a Daniel Strajeke Show, Khawater Aldalam Show, European Acrobatic Shows, Skate and Fun Shows, and even some stand up comedy.

Location: Andalus Mall, Jeddah

Time: 6pm-12am

Tickets to the festival can be purchased here.

6. Laugh your heart out in Dammam

The House of Comedy event on November 16th in Dammam means a night full of laughter with you and your friends/family. It will be located at the Culture and Arts Association in Dammam.

The Friday comedy performance will start 8-9.30pm. Tickets can be purchased here.

7. The Red Curtains show in Jeddah

This event will host a series of performances that include comedy sketches, musical performances, competitions and games that attendees can participate in. Unfortunately, however; it’ll only run from November 23rd, December 28th and February 1.

For more info, click here.


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