Top 10 AMAZING Breakfast Spots In The Kingdom That You Absolutely Can’t Miss Out On


The most important meal of the day and often also the meal with the best selection. If you’ve been wondering where to go to have a cute breakfast with your girls, or alone time to work- then you’ve come to the right place.

Some of these places also serve breakfasts ALL DAY LONG, perfect for those days you can’t get out of bed early enough.

1. IHOP (All-Day Breakfast) 

Who doesn’t know or have tried IHOP at this point? The International House of Pancakes deservingly gets the top spot for always having breakfast available at all hours. 

Plus, they’re our tried and true.

2. Appetit Kitchen & Co. Tahlia Main Restaurant

Located in Riyadh is this beautiful spot for that chic Parisian breakfast you’ve always desired. With prices that range from SAR 52 for scrambled eggs, SAR 52 for french toasts or Egg Benedict on English muffins for SAR 49- you’re guaranteed to always come back.

3. Cafe Bateel

Another go-to located in multiple cities around the Kingdom. Just look at those eggs benedict.

4. The Pancake House, Riyadh

It is what it is, the home of pancakes, indeed.

5. Scramble (All-Day Breakfast)

Al Khobar’s latest pride and joy, this place’s decor is like a mini New York in the middle of the city. Oh and their food, no words to describe how latheeth everything is.

6. Seven

Another legend in Al Khobar, this restaurant serves the best eggs and guac on toast, please?

Breakfasts, brunch and #Happinessat7, what more could anyone want?

7. Tower Kitchen by Pattis France 

Location: Al Turki Business Park, Dhahran. 

They serve their breakfasts from 7am-3pm!

8. Parkers

Location: Riyadh

9. Le Concheur 

Location: Jeddah

10. Mugg & Bean 

And last but definitely not the least…


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