7 Things To Do In Saudi Now That The Weather Is Getting Cooler


The heavy raining in Jeddah wasn’t the best example of just how great Saudi can be when the weather gets cooler. However, we here at Lovin Saudi, want to prove that occurrence otherwise. 

So we’ve whipped up a couple of ideas to help you try something new this winter, trust us you’ll enjoy these.

1. Head to the desert and camp out

Barbecues are a good idea, especially under the stars. Just imagine how beautiful it will be to feel cool wind brushing up against your face. 

While you’re at it, there’s probably some deserts that offer to rent out tents or perhaps you could set up your own. 

The moon, the stars, good food and your closest friends. Oh yeah.

2. Drive around and grab yourself a cup o ‘joe 

Never a bad idea to drive around with your windows down to get a feel of that breeze. And coffee. Coffee is always good.

3. Shisha with a throw wrapped around your body

Because we’re too spoilt in the region, and we love it.

4. Cuddle up to your pillow, watch Netflix and have some chicken soup 

Doesn’t it sound so comforting already?

5. Head to a spa and have a retreat 

Okay, I know you might be thinking “WHAT?”

It’s true, winter weather makes us all just a tad bit lazier but just imagine succumbing to this weather by immersing yourself in pampering.

Sauna, steam, hot jacuzzis and a massage.


6. Go fishing

Oh and lastly…

Enjoy this winter! 


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