5 Places in Jeddah That Serve Healthy Salads That Actually Taste Good


Salads are cold and delicious but most times aren’t very filling and you’ll probably get hungry again in an hour after having one.  

And who is to choose which salad is the best…Nicoise? Ceasar? Cajun chicken? Greek? The list is endless. 

So keep on reading if you’re looking to munch on a salad that will keep you full and that tastes delicious! 

5. Semsom

This Lebanese restaurant with a twist in Jeddah lets you choose your own food combo of either a wrap, salad or rice bowl of your favourite flavours. 

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But the tabbouleh salad is the one to get. The freshness of the vegetables in this authentic Levantine dish will cool your tastebuds as the summer season rolls in. 

4. Toasted

A gourmet sandwich and salad restaurant in the Kingdom, this restaurant offers healthy options for those looking to fill their tummies without the calories. 

Toasted lets you make your own salad from the salad bar and you can totally add all your favourite ingredients in a good sized portion bowl. 

If you’re not up to make your own salad, then you can opt for the Kale salad, green avocado salad or the signature Vito’s chicken salad.

3. Boga Super Foods 

This restaurant specialises in super salad bowls filled with all the nutrients you need as a healthy option.

And Boga Super Foods has the craziest concoctions, like the Very Berry Salad, which is filled with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, orange and walnuts with all your fav greens. 

There’s also the Sombrero Bowl, which is a Mexican salad filled with avocados and corn chip strips. 

2. Kalila

This bakery and cafe in Jeddah might seem like an odd place to order a salad but they have really good options to choose from. 

You can find lots of mezze options to choose from like hummus, halloumi, and manaeesh wraps but if you’re looking for the best house salad then opt for the quinoa salad. 

Not to mention Kalila has a pretty cool set up too! 

1. Balsamico

With loads of salad options to get, this restaurant offers you their version of a nicoise salad, spicy masala shrimp salad and grilled halloumi salad. 

And the chefs there are always churning new salad combos, so you can expect new items. 

But if you’re not looking for a salad, Balsamico offers freshly prepared pizzas baked in a wood fired oven! 

Now you have healthy options for the next time you’re planning to dine out in Jeddah, so no more excuses! 

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