5 Of The Best Ice Rinks In Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia offers no shortage of fantastic ice rinks, whether you want to improve your skating skills or simply enjoy a good ole winter exercise. So put on your ice skates and try your hand at triple salchows at one of these ice rinks this winter.

1. Riyadh’s Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is home to the Middle East’s largest ice skating rink. With Riyadh Season in full gear, it’s pretty crowded, however, on weekdays you could just have a chance to have enough room to enjoy the fam jam.

2. Al Shallal Theme Park, Jeddah

The large ice skating rink here is very good for beginners no matter age group you belong to. A big plus here is that access to the ice skating rink is included in the general rides ticket. They also organize shows on the ice rink from time to time as well and they nail it every time.


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3. Fanta Park, Riyadh

This women’s only ice skating rink is ideal for women looking for that extra bit of privacy.

4. Iceland, Jeddah

The little ones are absolutely going to get hooked to ice skating here. Take them with their cousins or friends, you’ll definitely not regret it.

5. Al Shamaa Ice Rink, Dammam

This ice rink doesn’t actually have ice; it instead uses synthetic ice that’s less slippery than the real thing, making it perfect for beginners.

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