Comedian Pete Lee’s Post On His Trip To Saudi Is Just The Reason Why More People Need To Experience The Kingdom For Themselves


Comedian Pete Lee was in Jeddah recently as part of the Jeddah Season festivities. It was his very first trip to the country and like many others, he too had several stereotypes associated with the place. But, they all got shattered once he arrived here.

He posted a message on Instagram that has since gone viral.

His message reads “I’ll be honest. I never in a million years thought that I would perform stand-up comedy in Saudi Arabia. The perception that I have been fed about that country my whole life was the complete opposite of what I experienced on my trip. You can tell me what you have read. You can tell me what you “know.” But I can tell you from experience that 100% of the people that I met were the most loving, kind, and fun human beings that I’ve ever met. And the crowds were amazing. If you ever get the chance to visit Jeddah, please go.”


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