8 Events Not To Miss Throughout The Kingdom In Ramadan


Summer is here and for those staying in the kingdom, worry not.

Lots of activities have been organized throughout the kingdom for the summer to keep everyone of all ages busy and entertained while upholding the Ramadan spirituality.

Here are 8 exciting ones coming up very soon.

  1. Treasures of the Golden Age

An inspirational journey to reveal the virtues of science and knowledge in Islamic civilization, that contains an educational exhibition highlighting the positive aspects of civilization that began from Mecca and brightened its light on the world for a thousand years.

Expect world-class interactive techniques, as well as exhibits, short films, workshops, books and educational presentations!

Ticket: SAR

When: 9PM – 1AM (Doors open 8 30PM); May 31 – June 13

Where: Makkah

More info here.

2. Ramadan Day Out

The successful event “Tal3a Ramadaniya” is back with a new look.

There will be a Sohour Market, Fawazir tent, and Qerqe3an, accompanied by educational recreational activities. 

When: 9PM – 1AM (Doors open 9PM);  May 26 – June 4

Where: Al Khobar

More info here.

3. 1351 H

This cultural event aims to revive the ancient heritage of Saudi Arabia and introduce and educate young people on customs, traditions and professional crafts inherited through successive generations.

The village has established a traditional model that embodies the features of the country and imitates its regions with their buildings, customs, traditions, industries, and crafts, and transfers the past images in the most beautiful colors.

There will be a huge art gallery, craftsmen for the Kingdom zones, a popular market, a dining area, and a recreational section.

When: 9:30PM – 2AM; May 25 – June 3

Where: Jeddah

Free entry

More info here.

4. Seven Moons

A magical journey into seven domes each representing an era in Islamic history using 3d mapping.

Four domes will house rich Iftar and Suhoor buffets, one dome will be dedicated for Traweeh Prayers and another designated for children’s entertainment

There is also a paintball field, a zone with theme park games for kids and F&B outlets!

When: 8:30PM – 3AM (Doors open 6PM); May 17 – June 14

Where: Riyadh

More info here.

5. Action Mania

This seasonal amusement park is going to be all the rage!

When: 4:30PM – 11:30PM (Doors open 4:00PM); March 21 – June 23

Where: Jeddah

More info here.

6. Harat Altarfeeh

MBC is going to be filming its first live “Fawazeer” daily in Riyadh throughout Ramadan (and the first three days of Eid!).

Free entry for the first 600 visitors with lots of opportunities to win prizes and be involved in the show.

There will also be traditional crafts exhibition, popular and international cuisine, entertainment shows for the whole family, and many surprises.

When: 10:00PM – 1:30AM (Doors open 9:30PM); throughout Ramadan + first three days of Eid

Where: Riyadh

Free entry

More info here.

7. Khimtna

This Ramadan tent is going to feature a five-star hotel buffet for Iftar and Sohour, as well as a children’s area with shows, games, and a puppet theater!

When: 6:50AM-3:00AM; May 17 – June 15

Where: Jeddah

More info here.

8. Ramadan fe Hartna

This fun Ramadan activity comes with specially decorated traditional Saudi heritage elements, three-dimensional lighting on the dining tables, screens for watching Ramadan series, open buffets for Iftar and Sohour, as well as an area for educational and entertainment games and comedy shows.

When: 4:00PM – 4AM; May 21 – June 14

Where: Riyadh

More info here.


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