Six Places To Go For Delicious Ice Cream In Saudi Arabia During The Hot Weather


A staple cold dessert, ice cream is honestly best served and enjoyed at any time of the year. 

You can still find people enjoying this cold treat when its freezing outside and no one judges. 

But as the cool weather wears off and summer enters the Kingdom, we’ve got the best places you need to hit for your cold treat cravings.

6. ConeZone, SAR 15

A Riyadh favourite, ConeZone serves up more than 60 different flavours and also does ice cream cakes and sundaes! 


5. Godiva, SAR 25

A little on the pricey side, an ice cream from Godiva will cost you around SAR25 but it is totally worth it. 

The best selling flavour is obviously chocolate because Godiva is known for using the finest Belgian chocolate. 

4. Caffe Bene, SAR 10

Rumors say that the best selling flavor at this caffe is the cream cheese gelato that tastes almost like French Vanilla. 

And if the ice cream is not enough, you can choose to add it on all your favourite desserts – waffles, french toast, brownies etc. 

3. Baskin Robins, SAR 12

You’re probably already familiar with this ice cream brand because of the vast amount of flavours to choose from. 

This colorful ice cream chain is known for the dairy, sorbet & yogurt based cold treats. 

And don’t you forget to add your favourite toppings! 

2. Dairy Queen, SAR 6

More popular for the shakes than the ice cream, the dessert menu will satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings on the go.  

The double choco mini blizzard is an ice cream with mini brownie bits!

1. Cioccolati Italiani, SAR 32

This ice cream parlor just tops all ice cream parlors in the Kingdom for taste, presentation and originality. 

The desserts at this caffe are so instagram-worthy that you’ll definetely want to snap a pic before you devour it! 

If you’re looking for an ice cream that is not too sweet, then opt for the pistachio and white chocolate ice cream. 

You must be this excited to try these out! 

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