Four Local Businesses In Saudi Arabia And The UAE That Have Inspiringly Pulled Themselves Through The Pandemic


COVID-19 has disrupted things for just about everyone, tragically put taken so many lives and severely impacted the healthy of several others, and been an incredibly difficult time for every aspect of society – including businesses.

Small businesses in particular have been at the brunt of the pandemic

And to make getting back on track a little easier for small local businesses, VISA has launched an important new campaign titled ‘Where You Shop Matters’  to support small businesses in Saudi Arabia and the UAE during these difficult times.

Here is a look at some of the projects that have been supported so far.

The first is with Macros Restaurant in Jeddah, which started offering healthy eating in 2018 and established a large network of loyal customers.

The owner of the restaurant, Thamer Jamil, points out tha the business lost more than 90% of its customers during the lockdown

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Dubai’s story is no different – KidzApp!, an app for parents, went down to making zero profits during the lockdown


Even the iconic Al Ustad Private Kebab in Al Fahidi district, which has been standing strong for 42 years, reached its brink

Local businesses need support right now more than ever before



Get involved in supporting your favorite small businesses through this VISA campaign. More information here.


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