7 Local Saudi Brands That Have Made It And Gone Worldwide


Nothing’s better than being proud of your home country all the time, but what makes it even better is seeing those FROM your home country succeed.

These 7 Saudi-made brands all started from the heart and soul of the Kingdom… only to become a powerful asset to our everyday lives whether we were abroad or still at home.

1. Jarir Bookstore

Founded by Abdulrahman Nasser Al-Agil, this Saudi Arabian establishment has grown to become one of the largest retailers for books and electronics in the Kingdom. 

With its headquarters located in Riyadh, Jarir Bookstore has now expanded to have showrooms also in Kuwait, Qatar and Abu Dhabi. 

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2. Almarai 

Firstly established as a partnership between Irish Alastair McGuckian, Paddy McGuckian and Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer, Almarai has become the largest well-known dairy company in the Middle East!

With a rising revenue of SR10 billion, the 40-year-old company is known for it’s collection of dairy, yogurt, juices, bakeries, poultry and infant formula products. 

3. STC 

Founded 19 years ago, this Saudi-based telecommunications company has a lot to offer – especially after becoming available for use in Bahrain, and having offices in India, Kuwait, Turkey, South Africa and Malaysia. 

4. Arabian Oud

Beginning in 1982, Arabian Oud has become the largest fragrance manufacturer and retailer all over the world for it’s oriental perfumes, oil perfumes and incense.

Arabian Oud has over 800 stores worldwide selling their products in over 33 different countries, including places like London and Paris. 

5. Al Borg Laboratories 

Starting off in 1998 as a small Saudi Limited Liability Company in Jeddah, they’ve been able to provide a wide range of clinical and diagnostic tests for its clients from just one single lab. 

A few years after that? Al Borg Laboratories is one of the largest chain of private labs in the GCC and now in Africa. 

6. Al Rabie

Based in Riyadh from the early years of 1980, Al Rabie has been known for producing and distributing products such as juice, milk, soya drinks, chocolates and coffee all over the GCC!

7. Panda Retail Company

A Saudi Arabian grocery retailing company that began in 1978 as the first chain of modern markets in the Kingdom. After becoming one of The Savola Group’s subsidiaries, they opened over 481 branches all over the Kingdom – and now in Egypt too.


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