Here Are 5 Experiences To Have In Jeddah That Are Relatively Unknown


Jeddah is one of the most visited cities in Saudi Arabia and it makes sense why. With its diversity, rich cuisine, a beautiful waterfront, and so many events happening all the time, this city is definitely unique.

However, if you are looking for something new and unique to experience in Jeddah, look no further

This is the ultimate list of less-known but absolutely recommended experiences Jeddah has to offer – only to those who are in the know!

1. Kayaking on turquoise waters

Located at Marina Canal & Pure Beach at KAEC, Jeddah Kayak offers several water sport experiences on crystal blue waters.


2. Try an escape room

Not just a tried and tested team-building experience in a workspace, this escape room is also a great place to be with friends or family.


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3. Play endless e-sports!


4. Or some board games

All the latest and rarest board games (plus, of course, the classics) in one space. Great to visit with friends, family, or even alone and play with a bunch of strangers.


5. Horse riding at the beach

Does it get dreamier than this?


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