Here Are All The Destinations The New Cruise Liner From Jeddah Is Taking You On


With many still wary of international flight travel, MSC Cruises came just at the right time with their fleet to help us travel in a way many of us in Saudi have not been able to until now. Sailing in the pristine waters of the Red Sea for days, exploring the coasts of the Arabian Peninsula and heading to some of the finest beach destinations in the Middle East all in a luxury setting sure makes for an interesting proposition even for the most hesitant of travelers.

Starting from Jeddah, as of now, there are three tours that you can book.

Jeddah – Safaga – Jeddah (4 nights)

This tour takes you to the Egyptian city of Safaga that’s amazing for scuba diving. You can even book an excursion from here that will take you to the Valley of the Kings and Luxor – the ancient capital of the Pharaohs.


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Jeddah – Aqaba – Jeddah (4 nights)

Aqaba in Jordan is one of the most sought-after beach destinations in the Middle East. Though it doesn’t have an extensive coastline, what little it does brims with marine life. There are several excursions that you can choose from here including one that will allow you to explore the mesmerizing city of the ancient Nabataeans, Petra, by night.


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Jeddah – Jeddah (3 nights)

This cruise is ideal for those who are willing to travel just for the cruise ship experience because it doesn’t take you to any international destination. You’ll be just sailing in the warm waters of the Red Sea for 3 nights on this one.


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