13 Reasons Why Jeddah’s Al Saif Beach Will Keep You Coming Back For More


Al Saif Beach, located in the South of Jeddah, has been a popular getaway for expats in the Kingdom. Whether it’s to chase sunsets, have your chai karak or simply just swim.

Here’s a few reasons why Al Saif Beach is everyone’s go-to: 

1. Its pink hued sunsets can’t be rivaled

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2. Barbecue time with family will always make you feel a little giddy here

3. because it’s pretty simple here..

4. and picnics on the grass are always a good idea!

5. The waters are as clear as the sky

6. And it’s a great place to just sit down and reflect…

7. There’s options to find amazing fish here too!

8. All in all, its beauty is in its simplicity

9. And everything about it will keep you coming back for more


11.Because… Red Sea vibesss

12. The wavesss are peaceful to look at

13. and lastly, even the drive heading there is beautiful!

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