5 Ways This Café In Saudi Is The PURRR-FECT Place For Cat Lovers


There’s a cat café in Jeddah where everyone can go and enjoy a cup of coffee and giving lots of fur babies some looove. The Cat Lounge is a two-storey café in the Al-Shatea district that overlooks the sea, talk about the perfect setting.

If you’re a cat lover then we don’t doubt you’d go (or have gone), no questions asked.

After all, who doesn’t want to spend an entire day with adorable kitties?

Here are 5 reasons that make this the purr-fect place for ALL animal lovers in Saudi:

1. There are around 16 cats at the lounge who are ready to receive your undivided attention

The number isn’t limited to this, however, so in the future we could probably see more and more of these adorable friends. Different breeds of cats are intact from Persian, Bengal all the way to Sphinx cats.

How regal!

2. The kitty-themed interior is only fitting for the place

All cat lovers and obsessive cat owners will know that kitty-themed interior is pretty much the dream.

3. There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a sip from ones’ warm cuppa while petting a cat

…Or more exciting.

4. Despite what you might think, the Cat Lounge practices hygiene standards that are 5/5

Only vital in a place where food and drinks are served and cats are around. According to Arab News, the Cat Lounge is equipped with air purifiers and filter connected to the roof to help keep the cafe’s hygiene perfect.

5. Because supporting this place means you’re actually doing more for all cats in the Kingdom and the Middle East

It may not seem like much to dine at a café that’s filled with beautiful cats but in reality you’re being part of a movement.

The Cat Lounge’s founder, Dr. Waheed Mohammed, who told Arab News that his purpose behind the café is to promote a cultural shift toward animal care and welfare in the region, where many cats are abandoned, often on the streets without food.

Dr. Mohammed wanted to allow for an interaction between people in the Kingdom with cats in hopes of shifting local perspectives about animals and teaching people to properly treat animals.

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