6 Of The Best Coworking Spaces In Jeddah


From digital nomads to entrepreneurs, coworking spaces are the trendiest places to work nowadays in Saudi for people from a wide spectrum of professions. Almost all major cities in Saudi Arabia have got coworking spaces and Jeddah to has several of them. Some are located in your typical corporate buildings and then there are others that offer a homely vibe that are based out of cozy villas.

Numerous coworking spaces are popping up around the city, as many join these spaces in hopes of providing a better ecosystem, increased networking opportunities or just being a cooler place to work.

Without further ado here are some of the best coworking spaces in J-Town in no particular order.

Nawa Space

Location: Khaladiya Dist.

Though not the largest of coworking spaces, Nawa has a sense of privacy to it. The building in which Nawa is located has got other creative offices, so creativity in this space is surely in abundance. It is based out of a villa so the vibe here is cozy, good for those looking for a break from those run of the mill corporate offices.

Humming Tree

Location: Al Hamra Dist.

One step in and you’ll feel the good vibes that this place is known for; the kind that won’t give you those morning blues and make you want to get to work because you want to and not because you have to. They have a separate meeting room if you have a client come over and a small event area just in case you need that extra space.

Kayan Studio + Spaces

Location: Abdulrahman Fakeih Street

Located close to Jeddah’s Corniche, this is one office space that will make your followers on social media jealous. From hosting galleries every now and then to photoshoots that would soon splash across social media, all are happening in this space that is overflowing with creativity.


Location: Bin Sulaiman Center, Khaladiya Dist.

Regus pulls out all the stops that those searching for coworking spaces would like such as having an option of renting out desks by the hour to the fact that you can just show up and immediately be assigned a desk that would be set up with all basic utilities amongst others. They are one of the biggest names in the global coworking office space scene so you can be sure with this one on getting a world class service.


Location: Rawdah St.

Vibes is the sort of place that has reimagined what a traditional workspace looks like. It isn’t just about the desk but it is the fecund environment that this place fosters that attracts a wide range of entrepreneurs and freelancers.

White Space

Location: Al Murjanah

HQ Business Park

With two locations both in the plushest and business hearts of the city, this coworking space has various offerings each tailored to different kind of users. Expect high-speed fiber optic internet, tea and coffee is complimentary and the view from the HQ Business Park office is unparalleled.


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