6 Reasons To Try Boofiyahs In Jeddah If You Haven’t Already


Boofiyahs have been a staple in the Kingdom, both for expats and residents, and rightfully so. If you haven’t tried these delicious samoulys filled with whatever you desire, then here are 6 reasons to have it (and fall in love.)      

1. You can have it at anytime of the day

Boofiyah cafeterias are all over the city, getting your boofiyahs won’t be a hassle at all. Breakfast, lunch or dinner- this dish curbs all the craving and fillings you’d expect. 

2. They’re incredibly cost-effective

With prices ranging from SAR3 to SAR6, this filling sandwich is for the budgeters and we love it!


3. They’re customise-able to your taste

You can pick the contents of your sandwich from liver, to pure veggies, eggs and cheese to really whatever else options they offer. Falafel, chicken nugget and lentil dish are the people’s top favorites.

4. You’ll have endless options for it in the city

QQs, Makaronah, Boofiyah Al Kheir in in Rabwah District, Boofiyah Al Wafa in Sultan ibn Salmat street and the list goes on.

5. It fills you up- easy and quick solution to snacks or even a meal

6. It won’t ever let you down…

And even helps with your thought-process. Don’t believe us? A resident said so themselves.


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