Al Balad Is An Absolute Gem In Jeddah And These Pictures Prove Why


Al Balad in Jeddah is its oldest neighborhood that has, in recent years, become a go-to place for people looking to explore the city’s history and heritage.

And recently it has been revamped significantly to attract even more people

Not only is a lot being done foster art and culture in the community, many buildings have also been restored or made more accessible by improved roadwork. Here are some pictures that show just what a dream Al Balad is.

1. It is a world heritage site

2. Just take a look at this view

History preserved.

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3. It is just Instagram goals

4. It is basically an art gallery

This particular work is by eL Seed, a French-Tunisian street artist.

5. Just unreal

6. The marketplace is always going to be iconic

7. It is so artistic and lively





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