Everything You Need To Know About Underwater Adventures And Diving Trips In Jeddah


The Red Sea has got to be on every global or newbie diver’s list to conquer, take Dahab in Egypt alone.

That’s why all Jeddawis and newcomers to the city of the Red Sea should pay it due diligence to indulge in water-sport activities or underwater adventures that might be your new summer hobby or passion (I mean whatever floats your boat.)

Hence, we’ve come forth and decided to extend an article that’ll go into all the fun you could have in Jeddah’s Red Sea. You’re welcome in advance.

Many diving websites will advise you to actually dive in Saudi’s part of the Red Sea and for good reason

The ultimate online diving guide, Dive Advisor, even went as far as saying most divers feedback on the Kingdom’s diving spots are ‘untouched’ and ‘pristine.’

If you look up videos of Jeddah’s Red Sea shore, you’ll be surprised to see the most vibrant colours that almost makes you feel like you’re watching a scene from a Disney movie. It’s just as fanatical and wonderful in real-life, however.

Just one of the many reasons to try something new if you haven’t given diving in Jeddah much thought yet.

Where and how to start?

Well, before you go on calling the next diving group facility in Jeddah, you have to prepare yourself mentally. For many people, deep sea diving or even trying out water-sports is not something they’re comfortable doing. A lot of people try it out to overcome their fear of water, the thrill-seekers however also start from somewhere.

Not everyone becomes a professional diver, and you’re indeed not pressured to have a certificate when you dive (since that’s more efficient for really DEEP divers.) However, there are a couple of things that your diving instructor will teach you that will help ease the process once you’re down there.

Things like breathing underwater, hand gestures that will indicate signals (like whether you need to go back up or if you need help), actually swimming ten feet under and then coming back up to the sea. Usually whoever’s handling your group or solo diving will be a certified PADI diver/trainer, and they’ll give you the basis, run-down and even a practice session before you all head under water.

Check out your ‘fun in the sun’ options

There’s an infinite amount of activities that one can certainly thrive in, in Jeddah. Diving courses are available, boat trips, snorkeling and even banana boat entertainment. You just need to find a good company or organisation that plans these trips out.

Saati Adventures is a great example of the type of company we just mentioned. They focus on the activities listed above, consolidated and tailored to your choice.

Check out social media pages and offers that people have for Read Sea adventurers

Although prices aren’t as hefty as you’d imagine to rent out a boat and take it to the Red Sea with family and friends. It is still worth noting, however, that there are a multitude of companies that have packaged rates from you to choose from.

A lot of the rates also depend on the activity(ies) you plan to embark on

Saati Sea Adventures offers diving courses that range from either a one-day training for SAR700 up to advanced three-week courses that’ll certify you if you complete it.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Saati’s offers, you may contact them on +966 541 595 303 or check out their website for more info.

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