It’s Possible To Explore Jeddah With Its Most Famous Tour Guide


Saudi women are so inspiring and making their mark in every professional field they set out to excel in.

And when it comes to tourism, the absolute role model should be no other than Abir Jameel Abusulayman

Abir Jameel Abusulayman is a Saudi woman who has been at the forefront of guided tourism, preserving and appreciating local heritage, and, of course, women leading the travel and tourism industry.

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Abir has a background working in the education sector but had always been interested in Jeddah’s heritage. She obtained a French high school diploma and then, after completing her MBA, started working as an English language supervisor at the Ministry of Education.

However, her heart was always somewhere else

In 2011, she founded “Heart of Jeddah”, the first-of-its-kind collective, aimed at reviving Jeddah’s rich heritage and historical neighborhoods.


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Abir became the first Saudi woman to work as a tourist guide in the Kingdom in 2011 and her work focused on sharing information and stories about Jeddah’s rich history, especially of the historical neighborhoods, with others.

And even after tourism took off in Saudi Arabia, Abir’s understanding of Jeddah and her abilities to convey this info forward remains unmatched. She is fluent in Arabic, English, and French.

In fact, Abir was honored by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs at an event that highlighted the role of Saudi women in making Vision 2030 a reality. The event was held in Paris!

She has also received several awards for her collective

No surprises, Abir is one of the most sought-after tour guides in Jeddah

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