Jeddah Corniche Is TEN Times More Polluted Than The Global Average


Jeddah’s corniche is objectively everyone’s favorite part of the city.

Which is why its recently announced development project (covering 34,000 square kilometers – including 50 islands) is the talk of the town.

But it turns out that the pollution in the Red Sea is becoming a very serious issue.

In fact, it is so bad now that it is becoming a MAJOR obstacle in development projects on Jeddah Corniche, officials have told Saudi Gazette.

That is not all – pollution is so bad now that experts are advising against swimming in the Jeddah’s seafront

And, yes, this includes designated swimming area.

This is extremely troubling news, especially for a city where the corniche is SUCH an important part of everyone’s lives

Dr Ali Eshki, professor of environment sciences at King Abdulaziz University (KAU), told AL Hayat Arabic daily that the rate of pollution in Jeddah’s coastal waters is 10 times more than the international average.

Dr Eshki said swimming in such polluted waters can lead to diseases such hepatitis, kidney failure, partial or total paralysis, and can even be fatal at times

Well now that the problem has been identified, let’s hope actions are taken to quickly solve the issue so we can get back to safely hanging out at the coast and the expansion continues as smoothly as possible!


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