YAAS! Jeddah Will Host The First EVER Global Festival In The Kingdom And It’s One To Watch For


Since Jeddah is already a city that combines the eclecticism of so many other nationalities, it might surprise you to hear that a global festival has NEVER been done here.

However, it is indeed true, because the Arab News just helped announce that for the first time in Saudi Arabia ever- Jeddah will host a multicultural festival that will welcome almost a million visitors.


(Image Credits: IG @happylandatallah)

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The month-long festival will take place at the Atallah Happy Land Park

Jeddahwis will get to experience an eye-opening virtual tour of 50 countries around the world. Mhm, you heard it right.

Visitors will get to explore different cultures at the Atallah Happy Land Park that stretches along the Red Sea city’s waterfront.

There will be a number of entertaining antics to look forward to

Expect to see live performers, food stalls, vivid traditional costumes and products from other countries.

If you’ve ever visited Dubai and got to go to Global Village, this might just give you a similar appeal.

The important deets

The global festival will be held at the Happy Land Park every day from 5pm to midnight between February 28 to March 29.

Watch this space for more updates.


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