Jeddah Is Getting A New Water Park And It Is SO Exciting


Jeddah is all about the beach, the water, the great food, and a laid-back attitude. And Jeddah is now getting a new waterpark that is going to take everything that makes this west coast city great even more special.

The new Cyan Water Park is going to be absolutely iconic

It is going to be over 120 thousand square meters in area and have more than 30 water games that cater to children and adults.

Expect a beach-like vibe, industrial waves, great cafes and restaurants, and just a top-notch experience.

The project is under construction at the moment and it has not been confirmed when the park is expected to open to the public but there are a lot of pictures and video clips online that show the work going on to make the park that gives an idea that it might finish construction soon.

Summers are going to be a whole new game now.




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