Jeddah Just Unveiled The World’s First 3D-Printed Mosque

Hera Shabbir

As if Saudi hasn’t already done it all, the historical city of Jeddah just opened doors to the world’s first official 3D-printed mosque, and it is stunning! A Saudi businesswoman teamed up with a construction company to build the mosque as a tribute to her late husband. Wajannat Muhammad Abdel Wahed named the mosque: Abdulaziz Abdullah Sharbatly. She made sure to use 3D printers for quite a lot of the different parts of the mosque.

The 3D-printed elements contain only non-bearing walls

The elements that were 3D printed are non-bearing meaning that the wall does not support the weight of structures other than the wall itself. This mosque actually beat Dubai in their project to create the world’s first 3D printed mosque! 

The mosque also has a gorgeous courtyard and is quite grand in size!

The area itself covers around 5,600 square meters and can accommodate dozens of worshippers. 


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