Nando’s Has FINALLY Arrived In Jeddah And It’s Everything Anyone Could Have Ever Hoped For


Our prayers have finally been answered for the decade-long dreams of having a Nando’s in Jeddah is finally a REALITY.

Everybody’s favorite Afro-Portugese flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken has finally made its way to the Red Sea city of Jeddah and apparently, this is happening on Dec. 8!

I know, you weren’t even given much time to reciprocate that but I bet you ain’t complainin’. Neither are we.

The new Nando’s will launch at the Red Sea Mall in 6 DAYS!

Mind you, this is an announcement some Jeddahwis have been waiting to hear since talks of the Riyadh ones opened up years back.

Many love the South African franchise for its delicious chicken, sides and iconic sauces and the fact that it can be found almost anywhere around the world, even a couple of branches in Dhaka, Bangladesh. ????

Peeps have been waiting as far as 2013, in fact.


Nando’s KSA had been hinting about the new launch on their Instagram account for a while

During mid-November, the franchise hinted at a ‘something new’ coming to the Kingdom on their official Instagram account and almost immediately (or perhaps by desire)- Jeddahwis knew it was time.

The Nando’s Casa (house) is designed to fit the creativity and culture of Jeddah

As does Nando’s with each and every casa (branch), the new Nando’s at the Red Sea mall is looking for people who break the barriers through their own unique talent: whether that be music, arts design, tech or culture. The campaign is called ‘Nandos Ghair’ (unique or different) and it will tap into the wonders of Jeddah’s rich traditions and heritage.

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