The Ultimate Guide To All New Beaches That Popped Up During Jeddah Season


Jeddah got not one, not two but three different beaches for the ongoing Jeddah Season festivities. Millions have been spent on each one of them and boy do beach lovers in Jeddah have much to enjoy.

1. Pink Beach

This is not the kind of place where you’d probably not want to swim but rather where you’ll want to chillax and sip on fresh smoothies. It is called pink after the pink seats that have been placed here. The best part about the place is that it is located right in the heart of the city near the HQ Business Park building. Also, nearby is the “sea cinema” where you can watch a movie in the open air right by the sea.

Location: Jeddah Waterfront

2. Nikki Beach

This raised many eyebrows when they announced their entry into the Jeddah market. Nikki Beach is a luxury beach club that has several branches around the world. This is their first ever foray into the Saudi market. The place is pricey but for the price, one gets a fine combination of music, dining, art and entertainment.

Location: Obhur

3. Alexandria Beach

We had a beach at South Obhur for quite some time but it has been transformed beyond recognition for Jeddah Season. It even got a new name “Alexandria”. Even GEA’s Chairman Turki Al Sheikh posted a before and after photo of the beach to show how much has changed. This is by far the most popular of all new beaches in the city.

Location: South Obhur


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