WWE Superstars Visited Al Baik In Jeddah And It Looks Like They ENJOYED It


Al Baik tweeted a photo of WWE Superstars trying out Al Baik at a branch in Jeddah on Monday night. From the looks these photos, seems like the wrestlers enjoyed the chicken. 

Who can blame ’em?

WWE Superstars are all here for the highly-anticipated The Greatest Royal Rumble event that will see 50 WWE athletes competing this Friday. Yep, in just three days, the athletes will compete and it’ll be internationally aired from the King Abdullah Stadium.

(Image Credit: Social Media/ @AlBaik)

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A few other WWE superstars have also arrived to the Kingdom

Like Triple H who managed to visit the WWE KSA tryouts and the Meadows Park in KADC. Most of the athletes, such as Mark Henry and Mojo Rowley have also arrived to the Kingdom, even touring the historic city of Jeddah.

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Mark Henry even tweeted himself in the Kingdom sporting the ghutrah

We’re lovin this.

Mojo and Mark Henry’s tours looked like a lot of fun…

In a series of photos, Mojo also tweeted “Great time today touring Historic Jeddah with @themarkhenry. Amazing to see the transformation the city has experienced. Thank you to the Saudi people for treating us like family all week. Shukran jazeelin!”

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