10 Iconic Restaurants In Jeddah That You Deffo Need To Eat Atleast Once At


Jeddah is the ultimate grub hub, anyone who’s lived in the city can attest to that. Over the years, the city has given birth to several iconic restaurants, and here are some of the best of the best that you just can’t leave Jeddah without trying at least once.

1. Al Sadddah

Al Saddah is the go-to place for those eager to savour the subtle yet powerful flavours of Saudi. Renowned for its delicious chicken and mutton-based rice dishes like madghout, madhbi, and mandi, this spot is an absolute gem. There are so many branches of it in the city that you’re never far from an Al-Saddah outlet.

2. Myazu

This chic Japanese restaurant is so good that you’ll find it at almost every must-visit restaurant in Saudi Arabia. It’s that good. Watch in awe as the chefs here whip up live robata cooking, presenting the exquisite flavours of Japan in such a fashion that it will make your taste buds dance. Truly, a gastronomical experience like no other.


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3. Section B

This homegrown burger joint has gathered a cult-like following over the years. On a weekend visit, you might find yourself in a line of hungry Section-B loyalists, all eager to sink their teeth into what are arguably the best burgers in town.

4. Chef’s Homemade Burger Gourmet

The burgers here may be a bit on the pricey side, but one bite is all it takes to realise that they are worth every last halala. The burgers are simply out of this world, making for mouthwatering food that will tantalise all your senses.

5. Al-Baik

Al Baik is almost a national treasure of Saudi. Its popularity is such that, despite how many branches it opens, you’ll never leave even one empty. If anyone knows that you’re returning from Jeddah anytime soon, chances are that requests for boxes of Al Baik are on the cards.

6. Shawarma Shaker Al Jazira

While the first branch from where this legendary shawarma joint started dishing out those drool-worthy wraps may not be around anymore, don’t fret, because they’ve got loads of other branches spread across the city, all serving up that iconic flavor. And here’s a top tip: when they’re whipping up your shawarma, go ahead and ask for some extra mustard sauce.

7. Ext. Seventeen

Run by the talented chef Amal Fakeih, Ext. Seventeen takes inspiration from Saudi flavours and turns them into a memorable dining experience. The menu is such that it’s virtually perfect for any time of the day, be it day or night. Don’t forget to ask for shakshouka on your visit here—you’ll definitely not regret it.

8. Naji Al Harbi

Naji Al Harbi is where the kebab game in Jeddah was perfected. Established in 1951, they’ve been serving up melt-in-your-mouth kebabs ever since. Pair those succulent kebabs with local Hijazi bread and flavorful sauces, and you’ve got a match that’s impossible to replicate.

9. Ba’eshan Seafood

When talking about Hijazi cuisine, you can’t overlook the seafood delicacies of the region. Ba’eshan Seafood, an OG restaurant that’s been delighting diners since the 1950s, is your go-to spot. Pick your favourite fish, choose how you want it prepared (grilled, baked, or fried), and select the perfect rice pairing. Don’t forget to order the fried prawns as an appetiser—your taste buds will thank you.

10. Abu Zaid

If you’re in the mood for some seriously good local grub in Jeddah, Abu Zaid is the place to be. From breakfast to dinner, Abu Zaid outlets serve up culinary delights that are both hearty and budget-friendly. Don’t leave without trying the mutabak, areekah, and masoub.


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