4 Souks In Jeddah That Are Just Perfect For All Your Ramadan Shopping Needs


This bustling city is home to some of the best souks (markets) in the country. So, whether you’re looking for traditional Ramadan decorations, dates, or beautiful abayas, Jeddah has got you covered. Here are four souks in Jeddah that are just perfect for all your Ramadan shopping needs:

1. Antiques Souk

This souk in Jeddah sells just antiques. The souk is very small, as it extends only along the length of the Abdul Raoof Khalil Museum in Bawadi, but the things you’ll find here are nothing short of treasures. You’ll find shops selling everything from age-old mechanical watches to coins that predate the formation of Saudi Arabia. The finds here are just perfect for that extra-special Eid gift.


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2. Historic Jeddah’s Souks

There are a couple of souks here, and since Ramadan Season is underway, we’ve bundled them all into one. They’re practically next to each other anyway, you won’t know when one finishes and the other begins. The marketplace here is filled with everything you can imagine, from colourful textiles to exquisite jewellery. You can find traditional lanterns and Ramadan decorations here as well, along with a variety of dates and sweets to satisfy your sweet tooth.


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3. Souk Al Murjan

Formerly called the “Syrian Market,” as this was where Syrian merchants in days long past sold their imported wares. The market has changed a lot since then, and it houses pretty much everything you’d expect to buy from a souq. Abayas, tableware, bekhoor, attar, and lots and lots of jewellery.

4. Souk Al-Mena (Souk Al-Sawareekh)

This is most likely the largest souk in the city, if not the country; it’s massive, spanning 9 square kilometres. You’ll find everything you could’ve ever dreamed of here—and for way lesser prices than what they’re being sold for at upmarket malls in the city. The prices here might as well just inspire you to revamp your entire living room for the Ramadan guests that you’ll be having over for iftar.


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