5 Activities Around Saudi Arabia That Will Make This Summer Extra Memorable

Hera Shabbir

Spending your summer in Saudi Arabia doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors. There are many awesome spots around the Kingdom that are actually quite cool in the summer months, that feature the most happening activities. If you’re chilling in the Kingdom for summer, keep this list of 5 activities to enjoy your holidays in Saudi Arabia.

5. Spend a night in these gorgeous cabins in Abha

These cabins are every instagram-bloggers dream come true! The gorgeous interiors, surrounding landscapes, and awesome weather work together to create the perfect vibes to enjoy this summer.

4. Take a ride through Taif’s mountains on this coaster

Enjoy 360 views all over as you ride through the mountains of Taif. Feel the summer winds in your hair as Taif’s temperatures hit a pleasant 25 degrees in the summer months!

3. Feel some MAJOR butterflies while walking on this bridge in Baha

If you’re a fan of big risky adventures, then Baha is the spot where you need to be ASAP. This bridge goes over a mountain and will definitely give you butterflies as you walk through the clouds in Baha.

2. Spend an afternoon tanning at Marka Island

If you’re a fan of beaches and are bored of the corniche views, then head on over to Marka Island because this place offers the most aqua-blue waters and serene winds as you soak on the summer sun.

1. Ride through AlUla on this gorgeous carriage

Although AlUla can be hot in the Summer, the views are impeccable. The historical sites, Maraya mirrored-hall, elephant rock, and many other attractions are calling your name to come and take some aesthetic pics. Nights in AlUla can get quite cool, so pack extra if you’re planing to stay over.


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