5 Affordable Toys Your Beloved Pets Will Truly Appreciate


5 Affordable Toys Your Beloved Pets Will Truly Appreciate

Our furbabies need a whole lotta lovin, dog parents will especially understand, but apart from our love and attention- there’s really something else they need: toys.

Let’s face it, pet products aren’t always the cheapest but they’re very much a necessity to keep our doggos and cats entertained.

Here are a few budget options if you wanna spoil your baby with some:

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5. Get your furbaby cats a feather snake toy to chase around the house

They’ll love this! And best part? It’s only AED16.95

4. This squeaker toy chicken is a FAVE of doggos

Get it here for AED 40.95

3. A chew toy that’ll keep your furbaby entertained for long hours

Get it here for AED27

2. Spoil your kitty with this three-lever tower disk 

Get it here for AED27.75

1. A frisbee for those outdoor play dates!

Get this silicone training fetch toy for AED26 here.

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