5 BRILL Spots For Saudi Food In Jeddah


Saudi food is not about bold flavours or flavour explosions; it’s more subtle, and it’s only in its subtlety that you’ll realise its beauty. While it may take some time to fully appreciate its nuances, once you do, there’s no turning back.

Whether you’re a newcomer eager to explore the world of Saudi cuisine or a seasoned enthusiast craving authentic flavours, this guide is your passport to the finest Saudi food spots in Jeddah. This list will help take you around the best Saudi food spots in the city. Hop on.

1. Seddah

Seddah has so many branches, and no matter which one you go to, one thing is guaranteed: lip-smacking mandi. The meat is so tender in the mandi that it practically falls off the bone. The rice, though bland, pairs so perfectly with the meat that you wouldn’t even need the complementary shata sauce that accompanies the dish.


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2. Tofareya

Step into Tofareya and prepare to be transported to a world where traditional Saudi dishes meet modern culinary innovation. This eatery reimagines classic favourites with a contemporary twist, offering a menu that is both nostalgic and inventive. From hearty Jareesh to tender lamb-based rice dishes, Tofareya is a celebration of Saudi food.


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3. Hareed

Though not as popular as some of the other eateries on this list, once you dine here, it’ll have you as a loyalist. They have a number of set menus to choose from that contain a mixture of cold and hot mezzehs, main courses, and desserts.


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4. Stita

You’ll have a lot of Hijazi dishes to try on the menu, like Kebab Meros, Kebab Bil Laban, and Koftas, that are absolutely delectable. Pull up a chair, dig in, and experience the true essence of the local fare at Stita.


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5. Madfoon Al Seddah

There’s Seddah, and then there’s another equally amazing eatery in Jeddah called Madfoon Al-Seddah. Though not as popular as the former, they’ve got such amazing rice-based dishes that they’ll have you swooning. Plus, the best part is that they’re perhaps the only Saudi food restaurant that’s got a drive-thru!


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